02.03.2018 Tropical Timewarp meets Kréyol / Klunkerkranich

We’re happy to start another season at our beloved Klunkerkranich!
Prepare yourself for a evening and night of tropical grooves from across the globe.
For the season opening Berlin’s most wanted tropicalists joining forces to serve you contemporary & vintage music from the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the humid studios of Kinshasa, Brazaville, Mumbai and beyond…

Paleque – Afrofunk – Soukous – Highlife – Cumbia – Pachanga – Dub – Puxa

The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp/ Kréyol)
Coco Maria (Kréyol/ I Dream Of Piranhas – Cashmere Radio)
BestMate? (Tropical Timewarp)

Hinter den Alpen:
Dj Nomad (Kréyol/ Africaine 808)
Eli Pavel (Kréyol/ OYE Record Store)
Bela Patrutzi (Tropical Timewarp/ mothershipsleeves.org)


BEMBEYA! A Journey Through Afro Latin Rhythyms 1956 – 2015

BEMBEYA! Named after one of my favourite Bands „Bembeya Jazz“ from Guinea, this selection takes you from hot and humid studios of Conakry, all the way to the longest continental mountain range in the world, the Andes and the capital of Colombia Bogotá. Passing Mali, Nigeria, Angola and even Lisbon the mesmerizing rhythyms of this trip will cature you in no time! While the oldest track of this compilation was recorded in 1956 in Kinshasa (Congo) the latest song was released in 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal). Join me on this journey through space & time –  Vinyl only!

BEMBEYA! Selected by: The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp/ Kreyol)

vendormixNew Mix: „Afro-Latin Psychedelics“ by The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp)
What do have Senegal, Congo, Haiti, Mali, Angola, Ghana & Colombia in common? Latin Rhythms! The Beats and mesmerizing sounds which African slaves brought to South America more than a century ago, influenced West African and Caribbean popular music in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We can name it Mbalax, Palenque, Mande, Méringue or Highlife, during this period of time their all had these one thing in common…
Enjoy 70min. of this great musical heritage – Enjoy Afro-Latin Psychedelics!