The Soulvendor – Fusion Festival 2019 / Dubstation

Dubstation am Samstag Mittag, was für ein Vibe! Es hat einen riesen Spaß gemacht. Danke an die vielen Tänzer*innen, alle Freund*innen und die ganze Dubstation & Fusion Crew sowieso. Mir läuft immer noch ein wohliger Schauer den Rücken herunter wenn ich an diese 90 Minuten denke…



Bela Patrutzi – When Highlife Goes Rocksteady

Sun is shining for some reggae and rocksteady influenced highlife tunes:



Celestial Motherships Vol 2 Selected by: Bela Patrutzi  (Tropical Timewarp/ mothershipsleeves.org)

Our man Bela Patrutzi has been busy digging deep in his box of treasures the last few weeks and has put together a magical mix for your listening pleasure. Enjoy a journey through Ghana, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast with a sublime selection of Highlife, Soukous & Edo-Funk!



BEMBEYA! Selected by: The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp/ Kreyol)

BEMBEYA! Named after one of my favourite Bands „Bembeya Jazz“ from Guinea, this selection takes you from hot and humid studios of Conakry, all the way to the longest continental mountain range in the world, the Andes and the capital of Colombia Bogotá. Passing Mali, Nigeria, Angola and even Lisbon the mesmerizing rhythyms of this trip will cature you in no time! While the oldest track of this compilation was recorded in 1956 in Kinshasa (Congo) the latest song was released in 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal). Join me on this journey through space & time –  Vinyl only!


Panorama Polyrythmique by The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp)

From the originators of mid 70’s west African Funk and Highlife to the vivid scene of Europe today. PANORAMA POLYRYTHMIQUE contains 12 tracks from some of the most active musicans and labels of the two hemispheres. Selected & mixed by: THE SOULVENDOR (Tropical Timewarp)



Here’s a snippet from our last DJ-set recorded at Afrofunk Special in march 2015. 1hour of rare and heavy west African music from 1975 to 1985. From deep and fast Ghanian Highlife Disco with artists like – Alex Konadu – Scarpviews Band and Obiba Collins Marfo to crazy organ Edo Funk from Benin City in Nigeria and back to a rooty Highlife-base by Ali Chukwuma´s Henrietta and a Benin classic from Honoré Avolonto backed by the holy Orchestre Poly Ritmo. Some of the original cover artworks you will find on Mothership Sleeves. Enjoy!



The Tropical Timewarp mixtape series is about connecting music from different ages and across continents. Enjoy 3 selections with different music from the tropical world. From Bangkok to Lagos, from Bogota to Capetown. Jazz, Funk, Molam, Rumba, Calypso, Cumbia – Afrobeat, Palenque, Iranian Psych & a few re-edits…Enjoy the flight!

Tropical Timewarp pt. I

Tropical Timewarp pt. II

Tropical Timewarp pt. III

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