On Air: Frequent Flyers w/ Tropical Timewarp

We are happy to be with you in these strange times. Once a month we are guests at THF – Radio, a new community radio at Tempelhof Airport. Frequent Flyers w/ Tropical Timewarp!

After two nice shows in May and June we will be on air for the third time this Saturday! Switch on:

You can also visit us at the radio! A beautiful meadow invites you to sit & sometimes there is beer for a donation. Best you bring your own drinks with you.

Here our first 3 broadcasts to listen to on Mixcloud:

Frequent Flyers #01

Frequent Flyers #02

Frequent Flyers #03

See you soon!


vendormixNew Mix: „Afro-Latin Psychedelics“ by The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp)
What do have Senegal, Congo, Haiti, Mali, Angola, Ghana & Colombia in common? Latin Rhythms! The Beats and mesmerizing sounds which African slaves brought to South America more than a century ago, influenced West African and Caribbean popular music in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We can name it Mbalax, Palenque, Mande, Méringue or Highlife, during this period of time their all had these one thing in common…
Enjoy 70min. of this great musical heritage – Enjoy Afro-Latin Psychedelics!