23.11.2019 – Tropical Timewarp w/ The Soulvendor & Calamidades Lola

We’re happy to invite you to a night of crackling vinyl from the tropical world with The Soulvendor & Calamidades Lola at Badehaus Berlin’s Sauna floor!

Soukous – Ska – Palenque – Afrofunk – Rumba – Highlife – Jive & beyond – Vinyl only!

Founder of the Tropical Timewarp Collective The Soulvendor is collecting vinyl for almost a decade. His dj sets ranging from rare Congolese Rumba to Afrofunk, Highlife & hybrid futuristic Clubsounds.

Hailing from Barranquilla (Colombia) Calamidades Lola was sourrounded by Afro & Latin music since her childhood. With love to all kinds of Colombian & Congolese music, Calamidades Lola is regulary travelling to her country of origin to dig vinyl and present this incredibile musical heritage to her audience.
Soundcloud will follow soon!

SATURDAY 23.11.2019
Badehaus Berlin
Revaler Str. 99
Berlin Friedrichshain
Start: 23:00 / Entry 10,-

Main floor: https://www.facebook.com/events/736591183479185/


30.10 – Bixiga 70 (São Paulo/ Brazil) Album Release Konzert im YAAM Berlin

Kaum ein Afrobeat Projekt sorgt derzeit so für Furore wie das aus Sao Paulo kommende 10 köpfige Orchestra BIXIGA 70. Fans & Musikritiker*innen warten gleichermaßen gespannt auf das kommende und mittlerweile 4 Studioalbum Album „Quebra Cabeça“. Bereits mit der letzten Veröffentlichung „III“ begeisterte die Band Radiostationen, Dj’s, Jazz & Afrobeat Fans auf der ganzen Welt.


Energetisch und treibend, vertrackt und polyrhythmisch: Auch auf ihrem kommenden Album setzt die Instrumentalband Bixiga 70 ihre Suche nach einem eigenen, zeitgenössischen Ausdruck fort. Stand ihr Debütalbum noch ganz im Zeichen von Afrobeat, kamen beim dritten bereits weitere Einflüsse hinzu, Ethio Jazz eines Mulatu Astatke etwa oder Carimbó aus der Amazonas-Region.

Auf dem am 12.10.2018 erscheinenden Album „Quebra Cabeça“ (Glitterbeat Records) entwickelt die Band eine neue Komplexität. Die einzelnen Songs entwickeln sich zu einer Reise zwischen Amazonas & West Africa. Dabei greifen die immer wieder auf traditionelle Elemente brasilianischer Musik, Jazz und kontemporären Afrobeat zurück.

BIXIGA 70 (live)
Dienstag 30.10.2018
YAAM An der Schillingbrücke 3
10243 Berlin

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13.09 – Stella Chiweshe – Early Singles / Record Release Concert

A captivating collection of early singles by the renowned Zimbabwean Mbira master and a true African music icon Stella Chiweshe out on Glitterbeat Records in September.
The songs were mostly recorded in the 1970’s, during the buildup to the Chimurenga revolution, and were only ever released in Stella’s home country.


Deep resistance & culture. „I am a rebel,“ smiles the 70-year-old Stella Chiweshe. Her album „Kasahwa: Early Singles“ offers a fascinating introduction to the world of Mbira, with the term not only referring to the instrument, consisting of 22 to 28 metal keys mounted on a wooden healing tree body, but also to a musical genre – and on a much wider level, to an entire culture and deeply spiritual lifestyle, very much at the core of the young Zimbabwean nation.

Mbira is an ancient mystical music which has been played for over a thousand years by the Shona people, a group which forms the vast majority of the country’s population. Mbira pervades all aspects of Shona culture, both sacred and secular. Its most important function is as a „telephone to the spirits of people, water, trees, stones and birds,“ used to contact both deceased ancestors and tribal guardians, at all-night ceremonies. „Kasahwa“ is a collection of impossible-to-find early seven inches, eight cuts spanning the period from 1974 to 1983 and representing Mbira in its purest form. None of these songs has been released outside of Africa so far.

Dj support: DJ Chris Eckman (Glitterbeat, Ljubljana)

Stella Chiweshe (live)
Donnerstag 13.09.2018
YAAM An der Schillingbrücke 3
10243 Berlin

VVK Tickets: 12,50
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Abendkasse: 15,-

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